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23rd March 2012


Gardens of Unearthly Delights →

"Marina Warner pursues the enigmas of imaginative desires in The Arabian Nights

I really want to read this book. Even the review is beautifully written. I’ve been interested in the connection between magic, alchemy, and science for a while. Recently I went to the Love & Devotion - From Persia & Beyond exhibit at the State Library of Victoria in Australia. It was cool. They had very old, beautifully written and illustrated copies of 1001 Nights.

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5th December 2011

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T Magazine: Viggo Talks and Talks →

"High up in an apartment block in Toronto, Viggo Mortensen was padding around barefoot, cleaning up the kitchen after lunch and speaking, in his soft-voiced way, about his longing for immortality."

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27th October 2011

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Very Halloween-ish. A murder of crows in a tree. Terre Haute, IN

Very Halloween-ish. A murder of crows in a tree. Terre Haute, IN

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25th October 2011

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This looks amazing. ~drools~

This looks amazing. ~drools~

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2nd September 2011

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ONE evening, we sped toward yet another hotel in a taxi, having flown into the otherworldly beauty of Guilin. I was fighting a cold and weary of travel as we hurtled past lush banyan trees and jutting karst formations. I thought he was focused on the scenery when, out of the falling darkness, he said my name, first and last, so quietly he might’ve been talking to himself. He said he would love me forever.

NYTimes Modern Love - The Trophy Wife

I love this column. I look forward to it every week.

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16th June 2011

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NYTimes Fox & Ford marriage (i.e. I wish I could have a wedding like this) →

Ms. Fox, who is blond and petite, wore a strapless, tiered Oscar de la Renta gown with a black ribbon sash. White gardenias, her grandmother’s favorite flower, decorated the church and her bouquet, and Ms. Fox wore one in her hair.

Mr. Ford, who has broad shoulders and sandy hair, was clad in a light gray tailcoat, with darker gray pants.

They were accompanied by a dozen bridesmaids in violet gowns, and 13 groomsmen in gray tailcoats. Two flower girls were in white with wreaths of flowers on their heads, much like those at the April wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

In the back of the church, Ms. Fox pulled her new husband close for another enthusiastic kiss. Then, once their formal photographs were complete, the pair climbed into a red 1965 Ford Mustang convertible and waved happily to photographers and a camera crew. Mr. Ford then gunned the engine, pulled into traffic on Lake Shore Drive and headed for the reception site, which sits on 87 wooded acres.

Guests sat at long tables under twinkling lights in an enormous white tent, where Peter Duchin and his orchestra played two songs before dinner began, finally shooing the crowd off to their meal.”

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16th May 2011

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A New Gauge To See What's Beyond Happiness →

“My view of positive psychology is that it describes rather than prescribes what human beings do,” he says. “I don’t want to mess with people’s values. I’m not saying it’s a good or a bad thing to want to win for its own sake. I’m just describing what lots of people do. One’s job as a therapist is not to change what people value, but given what they value, to make them better at it.” 

~Martin Seligman, in this article from the NYTimes

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22nd February 2011

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Secrets of a Mind Gamer →

'How I trained my brain and became a world class memory athlete.' NYTimes Magazine article by Joshua Foer

I will be reading his forthcoming book.

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2nd February 2011

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Guillermo del Toro and his fascination with horror →

Great (and detailed) article about one of the most creative minds of our time.

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13th January 2011


Surfing for Apartments in Europe

Surfing for Apartments in Europe

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